Integrated Market Services Asia - An interview with Alwin Yew, General Manager, Malaysia

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Integrated Market Services Asia - An interview with Alwin Yew, General Manager, Malaysia

IMS Asia has a clear and focused vision to provide full services partnership to existing and new brand owners to expand their footprints in the Greater China and Asean markets.  Formerly known as LF Asia, the new brand signifies a step change for the company moving forward.

 To find out more, The Asian Shopper spoke to Alwin Yew, General Manager, Malaysia, about the new business.


Q Alwin, thanks for taking the time to talk to our readers and help us all understand what is happening in your business.  A major relaunch and a new brand! What is the background to the changes?

Alwin This is a really exciting time for us and something we have been looking forward to for quite a while.  In summary, when the Li & Fung group sold the LF Asia sales and marketing division to Dah Chong Hong Holdings (DCH), it gave us a great opportunity to look at our business, redefine our core purpose, and then build a new structure to deliver.  It’s all about focus and in our new form, we have two separate business clusters; - DCH Auriga who are very focused on the pharmaceutical products we manage and of course, will therefore have a very specific channel focus, including hospitals, medical centres, clinics and pharmacies. 

And I will lead the new IMS Asia business where we will be managing our consumer product range through the retail channels of Peninsular Malaysia including supermarkets and hypermarkets, mini markets, convenience stores, pharmacies, provision shops and the e-commerce channels.

Q How do you see that benefitting your brand owners?

Alwin I think we have all seen more than enough examples where a clear single minded purpose for a company has led to greater expertise, better use of resources, and improved results, benefitting both brand owners and retailers. The more we can keep our business focused and pragmatic, doing what we do best even better, the more successful we will be, and the happier our team will be.

We are all about helping brands grow faster and we do that through a combination of three main factors.  Firstly, it is about leveraging on our technologies.  We have invested heavily in developing bespoke systems in sales force automation, supply chain and finance.  In particular, our sales force automation system captures huge quantities of data covering market intelligence, in-store execution and much more.  This data allows us to form powerful insights which guide our strategies.  This capability when combined with the experience and expertise of our seasoned team is able to develop really robust strategic plans, which drive sustainable growth.

Last but not least, IMS Asia can leverage on our relationship with our principal company; DCH, to not only share best practices and enhance synergies between markets, but also provide a solid platform for brands to expand beyond Malaysia.

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Q Speaking of the Malaysia IMS Asia team, how are they feeling about all the changes?

Alwin One of the key components of the change has been constant and comprehensive communication across the business.  The team is involved; they know what is happening and why, and of course are very excited.  The changes will provide ample opportunities for development and growth, plus a great place to work.

Q So what differences will brand owners and retailers see moving forward?

Alwin The new business is all about connecting Brands with the consumer. Of course, we offer all the distributor services you would expect such as importation and port clearance, marketing and sales planning, distribution to retail outlets and great instore execution.  What makes the difference is being smarter with our resources, so our marketing planners, customer management and frontline sales people have a single-minded purpose in driving the brands we are entrusted with.  For our brand owners, it means dealing with people who are experts in their field, dedicated to their purpose. Brand owners can rely on IMS Asia to deliver their promise, treating those precious brands with care and respect.

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Q Sounds like exciting times. So how do you see your role in the new business?

Alwin For me, it is all about empowering people to succeed. I love to see an entrepreneurial spirit emerge, and watch people become as good as they possibly can be.  It’s about agility and creativity to solve problems, whilst knowing your strength in the foundation processes and systems keeps you on track.  I have a great team here, we are entering a pretty exciting phase in our development, and the challenges and opportunities will be fun to grasp.  Feels pretty good to me!!


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