The 4 Secrets of Truly Great Leadership

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The 4 Secrets of Truly Great Leadership

Leaders today are faced with a business environment that is complex, dynamic, and fast-changing. To keep their organizations on an even keel, every manager has two key roles to fulfill, no matter what kind of business it is, or in what industry, or how large or how small.

The first role is to make things happen through the traditional duties every manager is responsible for: planning, organizing, and controlling. The second role of managers, however, is where the rubber really meets the road -- they must also be effective leaders.

In order to be a great leader, you must master the "art of leadership." If that's your goal (and I suggest it should be), then here are four habits that will help you become a truly great leader.

1. Communicate with your team -- openly, freely, and often.

2. Energize your team -- get them excited.

3. Support your team -- have their backs.

4. Empower your team -- encourage them to be leaders.